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6'8" x 35 x 20'

concrete, block steel, grass

I proposed “Corridor” for the plaza adjacent to the Oakland Airport Garage, which was never actually built. “Corridor” is a structure comprised of smooth white concrete blocks that are stacked to form a wall around a long narrow space, 5 feet across and almost 7 feet tall. One leg of “Corridor” is 35 feet long; the other, which comes off at a right angle to the first, is 20 feet in length. The blocks are identical 10-inch cubes, with thirteen parallel diagonal perforations. The diameter of the perforations is 3 inches, and the walls will be one block deep. The interior space will be landscaped with grassy groundcover and will be viewable in glimpses through the perforations in the concrete. The green interior will be completely viewable from all levels of the garage above.

sky view Oakland.jpg
grass view Oakland.jpg
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